Safe position detection for chain hoists


Whether in workshops when removing engines or in concert halls when adjusting lighting supports – when lifting loads to pre-determined positions, it is important that this pre-determined position is reached accurately and repeatably.

You often can’t rely on computer-controlled equipment to do this. This is because they cannot be installed in chain hoists or the systems are operated in environments for which these computer controls are too sensitive.

Geared limit switch as a solution for position detection in chain hoists

Gear limit switches are used in applications that must function without additional help from external computers. For example, when a certain position is reached or when the chain hoist must be reliably switched on or off. They operate purely mechanically and switch the switches inside on or off via a cam mechanism. A gearbox designed for the specific case ensures individual adaptation.

If safety aspects must also be taken into account, switches with positive opening are used, which always safely disconnect the electrical connection even in the event of an overload and the associated merging of the electrical contacts.

If position settings need to be changed more frequently, it is important that these changes can be made easily and yet reliably. Adjustment options are suitable here, which allow the switching position to be set without much effort by simply twisting the cams on the axle.

If detailed information about the current position is required, the geared limit switches can also be equipped with resolvers or rotary encoders. These then provide millimeter-precise information about the position of the object to be lifted.

Gear limit switches are robust and reliable solutions for triggering the confirmation of switches at preset positions on chain hoists. Their precision and a mode of operation that does not require computer control make them suitable for reliable use in any environment.

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