Technical drawing parts

Machined parts

  • CNC – turned parts up to 400 mm diameter (chuck)
  • CNC – turned parts up to 78 mm diameter (from bar)
  • CNC – long turned parts up to 28 mm diameter and 700 mm length as complete machining
  • Automatic turned parts
  • Smallest turned parts from a diameter of 0.15 mm (also hardened, ground and lapped)
  • Turn-mill parts
  • Flanges
  • Sleeves
  • Bolt
  • Waves
  • Pens
  • Union nuts
  • Sockets

Springs, stampings, fine blanking parts, wire bending parts…

  • Stamped & stamped bent parts from 0.5 mm to 12.00 mm material thickness
  • Fine blanking parts up to 12 mm material thickness
  • Wire Shapes & Springs from 0.20mm to 12.00mm wire gauge
  • Bihler parts up to 3,00mm material thickness
  • Assemblies
  • Contact parts, stamped parts and stamped-bent parts in large quantities up to 3.50 mm material thickness
  • Springs
  • Deep drawn parts

Rotary dampers, linear dampers, special dampers

  • Damping elements
  • Rotating dampers
  • Axial damper
  • Rotary damper with high torque
  • Rotary stroke
  • Drum damper
  • Push-push interlocks
  • Custom dampers

Aluminum extrusion parts

Design-oriented aluminum profiles up to a maximum length of 5.80 meters.
In all common surfaces (e.g. anodized E6 / EV 1, powder coated or brushed …).
Subsequent machining is also possible.

Aluminum die casting parts

Aluminum die castings with and without subsequent machining.

Our production plants for technical drawing parts.

Machining Technology

Smallest turned parts
also hardened
and ground

Machining Technology

Complex CNC turned parts
as complete machining,
Long turned parts

Damping technology

Damping elements
Rotoation damper
Linear damper

Stamping & Forming Technology

Stamped parts
Stamped bent parts
Deep drawn parts

Stamping & Forming Technology

Fine blanking parts

Stamping & Forming Technology

Punched parts up to 2.5 mm
Material thickness,
Mass stamping parts
Crimp contacts

Stamping & Forming Technology

Wire bending parts
Bihler parts
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