As an authorized sales agency, distributor and contractual partner of renowned international producers, we have been finding the right supplier for your application for more than 40 years and provide you with cross-technology advice.

We see ourselves as sales specialists and technical consultants and work in 4 different complementary areas of expertise.
(Machining Technology, Stamping & Forming Technology, Damping Technology, Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics)

In the technology areas of machining technology, stamping & forming technology and damping technology, you will be supplied directly by the corresponding producer. We act as a distributor for the partner companies.

In our technology area electrical engineering & electromechanics we supply you directly. As a family-owned company from South Westphalia, we specialize in this area in special solutions and standard products as well as assembled components.

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Mediation program technical drawing parts

Smallest turned parts, Escomat parts
CNC turned parts, CNC turned-milled parts, chuck turned parts, flanges, milled parts, stamped parts, stamped-bent parts, fine stamped parts, deep drawn parts, beveled parts,
Springs, wire bending parts,
Rotary damper, linear damper …

Delivery program electromechanical components

Position switches, sensors, microswitches, magnetic switches, dust-tight position switches, liquid-tight position switches, short differential position switches, high temperature resistant switches, safety switches, limit switches, level switches, foot switches, cam switches, gear limit switches, rotary encoders, resolvers, customized special solutions, mounted assemblies …


Jehle AG, Fritz Schiess AG, GMG Spa, Subtil Group, Karl Mauch Verbindungselemente GmbH, ADAX SA, Panzer Drehtechnik GmbH, CULTRARO AUTOMAZIONE ENGINEERING s.r.l., Microprecision Electronics SA, Bremas Ersce SpA, Micronor AG, ASA Schalttechnik GmbH, ifm electronic GmbH …

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Call us at 02391 / 91718-0, write to us at or use the contact form:

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We are looking forward to you

Call us at 02391 / 91718-0, write to us at or use the contact form:

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