Subtle Group:
Additional capacities for springs, wire bending parts and stamped parts

17 Mar 2020


After only a few months of construction, the Subtil Group was able to ceremoniously hand over the new extension at the Myjava site in the fall of 2018. This means that they have expanded their production area in Slovakia by just under another 4,000 square meters for you.

New webautritt
for Panzer GmbH

30 Mar 2019

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. Although we last renewed our website in 2016, it was time for us to rethink our presentation on the Internet.

Through adjustments in the structuring and a better presentation of our work, we now hope to offer new as well as returning visitors a more informative and easier overview of our company. In addition, our new website is even better adapted to all end devices, so that we are also easily accessible on mobile devices.

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