What does an industrial agency and regional agency do?

An industrial or area agency increases the sales and profits of a producer by taking over sales and new customer acquisition in a defined zip code area or for a defined customer target group.

An industrial agency, area agency or factory agency is an independent company that arranges orders for the partner company (producer) and takes over sales as an external service provider.

The Panzer GmbH team is made up of technically competent office and field staff who make targeted and effective efforts to acquire new customers and support existing customers as key accounts and technical consultants.

An industrial representative knows the sales markets and is familiar with the regional conditions.

The producer bears no entrepreneurial risk when hiring an industry representative. It does not need its own fleet of vehicles or its own field staff. Internal sales work is also carried out by the industrial agency. Customer development and the acquisition of new customers are carried out entirely by the commissioned industrial agency. These tasks are performed by the qualified office and field staff of the industrial agency. The partner company receives precise market analyses, and the offers and projects are specifically followed up and processed by the industry representative.

The remuneration of an industrial agency is based on commission, which is paid by the principal. All costs, such as sales and labor costs, are borne by this commission income. An industrial agency works for various manufacturers whose product portfolios complement each other.

Panzer GmbH has been active on the market for over 45 years as an industrial representative, regional representative and distributor and has already developed a large sales area and various markets.

Working with an industrial agency also offers great advantages for the customer, as they receive cross-technology advice on different manufacturers, technologies and products.

An efficient and customer-oriented sales organization is of crucial importance. If you engage Panzer GmbH as your factory representative, we will create a customized marketing concept for you. We also have extensive experience in selling a wide range of different products and technologies. When acquiring and winning orders, we always take into account the specific features of the industry. This makes our work as an industrial representative even more effective for you.

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