Location: Valence, Huizhou, Casablanca
Certificates: IATF 16949, ISO 9001,14001, EN 9100, ATEX

Crouzet is an independent company that manufactures electromechanical and electronic components for demanding applications in the aerospace, transportation, energy, construction, automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.
Crouzet offers switches and sensors, electromechanical actuators, electrical safety equipment, cockpit controls, automation controls and relays as well as instrumentation services.
Since 1921, Crouzet has worked closely with its customers to develop products ranging from standard components to fully customized solutions. Crouzet customers and partners can rely on our teams around the world to consistently meet and often exceed their expectations. Driven by a spirit of innovation, our experts focus on designing and supplying the right product for the right application.
Crouzet is your reliable partner for overcoming the industrial challenges of today and tomorrow.

Delivery program
  • Microswitch

  • Limit switch

  • Manually operated switches

  • Force sensors

  • DC motors without brushes

  • DC brush motors

  • Stepper motors

  • Synchronous motors

  • Linear actuators

  • Cockpit control

Tasks of Panzer GmbH

Panzer GmbH is an authorized distributor in Germany for the Crouzet company.

Other supplying plants:
Electromechanical products

Other supplying plants:
Electromechanical products

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